Группа компаний Дента Лига
Tekuchev st., 125/200,
Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

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2004 year – Dental company “Denta Market” was founded.

2006 year -  Organization of licenced Service Center.

2007 year – First contract with NTI company (Germany) about direct import was signed.

“Denta Market” is official representative of MIS, Izrail products in Rostov Region

2008 year – Training Center “Dental League” was opened.

The Store of Modern Medical Wear was opened.

Contracts with EurMed, Slovakia about direct import of Diplomat dental units (Chirana Dental), Ekom compessors, BienAir handpieces, Switzerland were signed

 2010 year  - Company's rebranding. The name of the dental company is “Dental League”.

Contract with BlueX (Italy) was signed. Dental League is official dealer of Straumann.

Dental League is an official dealer of Acteon (Pierre Rolland, primacaine).

Dental League is exclusive dealer of Chinese dental compressors (Junwei Medical) in Russia.

2011 year - "Dental League" is an official dealer of 3D scanners Dental Wings, Canada.

"Dental League" is exclusive dealer of VHF, Germany milling machines.

"Dental League" is official dealer of Mihm-Vogt, Germany furnaces.

"Dental League" is dealer of Doceram, Germany CAD/CAM blocks.

"Dental League" CAD/CAM center is opened.

2012 year - "Dental League" is official dealer of Ivoclar Vivadent GmbH (Germany)

Dental League is exclusive dealer of SUNI Medical Imaging Inc (USA)

New products with "Dental League" brand: dental units, dental compressors, scalers, dental autoclaves start to import in Russia

2013 year - "Dental League" is official dealer of Yenadent milling machines

2013 year - Dealership agreement between Dental League and 3D Systems Inc, USA was signed in the end of December.